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The Everyday in Wire. 3D everyday objects made in wire focusing on line.

Monday, 31 October 2011

What a busy few weeks!

Hey there! Well the last few weeks have been a busy one!

Firstly I have sent off a selection of work to Heart Gallery Hebdon Bridge, No4 Gallery in Berkshire and Yellowstone Art Boutique at Trentham. The studio looks pretty bare but im on the case of restocking! Oh gosh and I need to sort out work for The Parks restaurant in Uttoxetor where some good friends of mine have offered me some wall space, big thanks!

The work just keeps coming and im LOVING IT!

I am also preparing for some craft fairs around the midlands and the private view of the new exhibition 'Ties that Bind' at the studio/gallery space Unit Twelve this Saturday 5th Nov 2-4pm.

I have a few more wire ideas up my sleeve......ill keep you posted :)

Thanks for reading!
Louise xxx

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


A lovely lady at the Conwy Craft Fair pointed out that some wire buttons i did looked like specticles. This gave me an amazing idea! Wire specticles!

 Vintage beauties!

 His & Hers Specticles kindly donated by my loving Grandparents.

This has given me so many more ideas for wire 3D pieces! Eeeeek exciting!

Floral Pieces

These are some of the floral pieces. They are not completely attached to the base so some sections lean away from the backboard creating some lovely line shadows.
The wire simplifies the floral images and allows the viewer to focus on the line on the flowers.

Tins tins tins tins

These are some snapshot if my wire drawings set in vintage tins.

Tins are used to store and protect objects, sometimes not the most expected of objects. You can find almost anything in these tins from long lost keys, random screws and bolts and even a needle and thread. Each tin has a history and a story and its this that i want to convey in the tins.