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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Wire Curves

My work is all about the celebration of female curves. Many women tend to hide their curves away as they see them as ugly and as fat. I believe curves are sexy and should be shown off and admired. My work aims to highlight these curves and make them decorative and beautiful as curves naturally are.
I create pieces of body ornament that could be worn but also stand alone as sculptural pieces.
I love the contrast between the wire and the felt and exploring this contrast is fun and exciting. The felt is all handmade which is a lovely quality and resembles femininity whilst the wire appears delicate and fragile to represent womens feeling towards their bodies.

This is a felt cast of a breast with wire floral details and fabric ruffles.

Wire drawing detail.

This is a sample 2D piece exploring the combination of patterns and materials with real objects.

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