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Sunday, 8 May 2011

First Anniversay: Paper Exhibition at Unit 12

Saturday (7/5/11) was the Private View of the new exhibition at Unit 12 in Stafford. The First Anniversary: Paper Exhibition features a range of makers 25 in fact, who use paper in their practice. Some stunning pieces include works from Jennifer Collier, Susan Cutts, Maggie Hollingsworth and Julie Arkell.

This is an image of the majority of the work in the exhibition. I'd recommend you visit the gallery to get the full impact of this amazing exhibition.

This is the activity I ran on the day, making paper watering cans! I love this job! Everybody enjoyed this activity and people of all ages joined in with the fun. I have to say the majority of adults who participated, also enjoyed the peeling of the PVA glue from their fingers just as much as the activity itself!

So have a look at this stunning exhibition at Unit 12, Tixal Heath Farm, Tixal, Stafford. Open Thursday to Saturday 10-4.


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