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The Everyday in Wire. 3D everyday objects made in wire focusing on line.

Monday, 31 October 2011

What a busy few weeks!

Hey there! Well the last few weeks have been a busy one!

Firstly I have sent off a selection of work to Heart Gallery Hebdon Bridge, No4 Gallery in Berkshire and Yellowstone Art Boutique at Trentham. The studio looks pretty bare but im on the case of restocking! Oh gosh and I need to sort out work for The Parks restaurant in Uttoxetor where some good friends of mine have offered me some wall space, big thanks!

The work just keeps coming and im LOVING IT!

I am also preparing for some craft fairs around the midlands and the private view of the new exhibition 'Ties that Bind' at the studio/gallery space Unit Twelve this Saturday 5th Nov 2-4pm.

I have a few more wire ideas up my sleeve......ill keep you posted :)

Thanks for reading!
Louise xxx

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


A lovely lady at the Conwy Craft Fair pointed out that some wire buttons i did looked like specticles. This gave me an amazing idea! Wire specticles!

 Vintage beauties!

 His & Hers Specticles kindly donated by my loving Grandparents.

This has given me so many more ideas for wire 3D pieces! Eeeeek exciting!

Floral Pieces

These are some of the floral pieces. They are not completely attached to the base so some sections lean away from the backboard creating some lovely line shadows.
The wire simplifies the floral images and allows the viewer to focus on the line on the flowers.

Tins tins tins tins

These are some snapshot if my wire drawings set in vintage tins.

Tins are used to store and protect objects, sometimes not the most expected of objects. You can find almost anything in these tins from long lost keys, random screws and bolts and even a needle and thread. Each tin has a history and a story and its this that i want to convey in the tins.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Cymru Contemporary Craft Fair 2011

This Saturday I had a stand at the Cymru Contemporary Craft Fair at Conwy Quays. Dispite the rain (which i think may have actually brought people in) and the few minor dramas of pigeons and a mini flood, I had an amazing time and learnt a great deal from the experience.

The wire drawing in the vintage tins were a particular hit with everyone there.

I am very please with how the day went and i met some truely lovely people, I cant wait for the next one!


Sunday, 4 September 2011

Studio @ Unit Twelve

Introducing my new studio space at Unit Twelve.......

 My wire drawn sign to introduce who i am.

 My space :) very neat and organised at the moment....im sure this wont last too long once i get stuck in!

I have organised my wires so they are easy to access and also look professional.

It didnt take me too long to settle in and i was straight to work on new ideas both in 2D and 3D. I am feeling very excited and inspired about this new adventure.

Please come along and have a look, the gallery and studios are open thursday to saturday 10 til 4.
Unit Twelve, Tixall Heath Farm, Tixall, Stafford, ST18 0XX

Friday, 2 September 2011

An exciting step in the right direction

I am pleased to announce that i now have a studio at Unit Twelve, a gallery and workshop space at Tixall, Stafford. I have just moved in this week and i am so excited about all the prospects and opened doors that have developed through this exciting step. I feel like i can concentrate on my craft work in an inspiring environment and develop my work further. Very exciting indeed!

Pictures soon to follow.......

Monday, 20 June 2011

Contemporary Crafts Degree Show 17th June 2011

Hoooray for the last stage of my degree, and now its all over! What an amazing and emotional journey this has been for the last of the Contemporary Crafters.
The degree show was a success and had a few more people than expected (we ran out of alcohol!) including old tutors Ray Saddington, Dave Brodie and Pete Chatwin, it was really nice to catch up :)

Check out some images of my work in the degree show:

 Table display of some of the work.

 Necklace piece (wire, felt and buttons)

Detail of the torso piece.

 My hanging mobile piece.

I am so pleased with my final show, it has been an incredible journey and this is only the beginning.......best get making more!

The degree show is on until Wednesday and i would highly recommend a visit.

Louise xxx

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Final Pieces: Assessment Show

So everything is complete and my work is set up to be assessed. It has been a long journey but I am so pleased with what I have produced.

 My final work displayed for assessment including samples, sketchbooks, visual and contextual research.

The hanging of wire drawings made from nickle and binding wire and wrapped thread.

 The thread wrapped wire adds a subtle colour and feminine touch to the wire.

 I included my life drawings in the wire pieces which add a nice detail when combined with the floral patterns.

 The felt torso piece and wire train. I included my life drawings in with the wire. I love how ghost like the felt is and the wire coming off the torso excentuates the concept of celebrating and decorating the female form.

Some pieces have been selected to be in the MMU Degree Show on display at Chatham Building, All Saints Campus, MMU, Manchester from the 18th-22nd June so feel free to pop in and have a look.

Louise xxx

Thursday, 26 May 2011

A quick update!

Hey, just a quick update on how things are going!
The legendary journals are being handed in today and then its back to practical work with 13 days left til the last ever deadline of contemporary crafts :( its been a big emotioal rollercoaster that i shall miss terribly!

The finished jounals complete with felt spine and wire detail.

So i have 13 days to do as much wire drawing and felt making as possible, my fingers are going to be sore prunes by the end of term but i cannot wait!
Anyway back to work....just thought id fill you in.
Thanks for reading
Louise xxx

Sunday, 8 May 2011

First Anniversay: Paper Exhibition at Unit 12

Saturday (7/5/11) was the Private View of the new exhibition at Unit 12 in Stafford. The First Anniversary: Paper Exhibition features a range of makers 25 in fact, who use paper in their practice. Some stunning pieces include works from Jennifer Collier, Susan Cutts, Maggie Hollingsworth and Julie Arkell.

This is an image of the majority of the work in the exhibition. I'd recommend you visit the gallery to get the full impact of this amazing exhibition.

This is the activity I ran on the day, making paper watering cans! I love this job! Everybody enjoyed this activity and people of all ages joined in with the fun. I have to say the majority of adults who participated, also enjoyed the peeling of the PVA glue from their fingers just as much as the activity itself!

So have a look at this stunning exhibition at Unit 12, Tixal Heath Farm, Tixal, Stafford. Open Thursday to Saturday 10-4.


Thursday, 5 May 2011

Wire Curves

My work is all about the celebration of female curves. Many women tend to hide their curves away as they see them as ugly and as fat. I believe curves are sexy and should be shown off and admired. My work aims to highlight these curves and make them decorative and beautiful as curves naturally are.
I create pieces of body ornament that could be worn but also stand alone as sculptural pieces.
I love the contrast between the wire and the felt and exploring this contrast is fun and exciting. The felt is all handmade which is a lovely quality and resembles femininity whilst the wire appears delicate and fragile to represent womens feeling towards their bodies.

This is a felt cast of a breast with wire floral details and fabric ruffles.

Wire drawing detail.

This is a sample 2D piece exploring the combination of patterns and materials with real objects.